Boudoir & Couples Photoshoot


Ever wonder about getting photos of you and your partner? Of course you do! Now, the real question. Do you want something special for your engagement or anniversary. Would you also enjoy a fun, romantic experience with your partner that you’ll remember forever?


So what are intimate couples photoshoots about? Well, its a celebration of your relationship! These images will be admired by you for years to come. They will spark memories.

We catch  intimate moments between our couples in a tasteful way. Moments that you often experience every day but do not get to see.


I was lucky enough to have my client, Ms S, allow for me to share both her boudoir images PLUS a few of the gorgeous image of her and her hubby.

She first came to me a few months back, a little nervous, but ultimately rocked her shoot! She asked me that day about doing a couples shoot, if she could talk her hubs into it that is. Lucky for me, the couple returned! This was one of the funnest shoots ever. We mostly cracked up through out the shoot and just had a ton of fun. It was also so special for me to see the look in their eyes when they locked gazes. So damn sweet!

So, how would you talk into a couples shoot!?

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Some more beautiful photos of Ms S, working it all by herself! She’s just STUNNING!!



Want something different?

Vintage Imagery is now offering a new service. Something that is as edgy as it is fun. This yields amazing and UNIQUE results. What is it?

Light painting!

So what the heck is that?

Light painting is a technique where we use hand held lights or light sources and a long exposure. A popular photo that wedding photographers do is to use long exposures to “write” in the air with sparklers.

So how can you use that in boudoir or glamour?

Well first we need a light source. Like this Pinkish robe light.




Once we have that, I run like a fool to “paint” color in and around you. The result?

Something completely unique and gorgeous.


Boudoir light painting


Vintage Imagery

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