The Best Grooms gift Ever-YOU! Kari’s Session

Ok, so it seems like EVERYONE is getting married or is engaged!! With that said, some of Vintage Imagery’s most popular types of shoots are Bridal Boudoir. Of course! What man wouldn’t want a sexy photo book filled with his soon-to-be brides’ gorgeous images? Give it to him before you say “I do”!  What guy wouldn’t go CRAZY with anticipation of the… uh… wedding night after seeing that? You can also wait until the honeymoon and hand him your photo book wearing your favorite lingerie from the session! (or lack their of!)
Whats even better though? Its one of a very few gifts that will give YOU more of a present than him! (and thats saying a lot!!)  Its a Win-Win really!
Remember too that you do NOT have to stick to your traditional bridal shoots. As you can see from this clients session, she had both sides of the spectrum going on-Sweet and Naughty!
Kari and I had SO much fun. We tried a ton of different poses and sets. I think we spent probably 3 hours shooting and giggling away!  We may have even broke into a bottle of Amurula, which is basically made from a  fruit that elephants get wasted on in Africa. Strangley enough (I didnt know it at the time) But the Murlua tree is also known as a “marriage tree”. Seriously, google it and buy yourself a bottle its amazing!
Needless to say, the experience is unforgettable!
And her photos? Yes, They went over very well with the Hubs! 🙂
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Illinois Boudoir photography

Client wearing a studio corset by mystic city. This is a custom steel boned corset for maximum curvy -ness!

Bodyscape shot with a little bit of naughty

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Bridal Boudoir st louis, mo & Illinoisvintageimagery_corset_1w


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