Modern Pinup-Erin


I always get a little overly excited when someone wants to do Pinup! I mean, I LOVE boudoir, glamour, fashion, couples etc, but Pin Up… that is my secret artistic crush! I have so many pin up props and outfits, dresses, hats, shoes, garters and corsets that it should be a crime!

Ms Erin brought in her own adorable 50’s inspired dress and we simply added a crinoline from my closet (there are a lot of them in there) and a flower from my hair supplies!

Sherrie did an amazing job keeping Erin’s makeup retro inspired but still modern and fresh. And that color red she used on Erins lips!?  Where do I get my hands on that?!

Erin did an amazing job as she flipped her skirt, showed a little leg and flashed that killer smile at the camera.

Needless to say we had a blast… From the past!


If you’d like to book your very OWN modern pinup session OR retro pinup session visit the best pinup studio in Illinois/missouri at Vintage Imagery online. Check out our page and click pricing to contact us!


Flawless makeup, gorgeous Erin!


Soft pinup shot


A bit more retro pinup!


I love this shot of Erin in Pinupgirlclothings “Niagara” dress. Available in our wardrobe


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